Whitelist Application

  • You will be required to come to teamspeak and talk to one of the Admin team for a quick chat to ensure you understand what Prophecy is about – this normally takes five to ten minutes.

  • We set the age at 18 due to the content of some roleplayers stories which may not be appropriate for the younger person. However we realise that there are some truly awesome younger roleplayers out there, we will consider applications from younger players however this will depend on an interview to ascertain maturity.

Ban Appeal Process

  • A link to a form will be posted below in this topic. It will look much like the whitelisting process in which you will provide us with reasonings of why your ban should be reduced/lifted along with answering all the questions within the form properly. Each case will then be reviewed by the admin team and a decision will be sent to you by email accompanied by a talk on the ProphecyRP Teamspeak.

    Do not enter the Teamspeak and poke the staff for an answer. The process takes time and discussion. So be patient and await your email response. Once you’ve received that email, then you may proceed to contact the admin team on the Teamspeak and they will have a talk with you on how things will proceed from that point onwards.

  • You may appeal a lasting ban after a duration of two weeks has passed. No less than that, otherwise the appeal will be outright denied. We want you to clear your mind in the period of the ban and think about what you could do differently, both as an RP-er and as a member of this community. Everyone will be given a chance, of course as long as the offence is not affiliated with the nature of offences provided further up at the start of the topic. 

    The ProphecyRP staff team, believes in second chances, so every appeal filed will be looked at with that in mind. 

  • Should a ban appeal be succesful, the slate is not “wiped clean” as it were. It merely means that you have been given another chance to try and intergrate into the community properly. Should a report of bad conduct be placed towards you once more, the admin team will handle the case in a normal manner. Meaning, that they will take into account all the past transgressions and base their decisions on such. 

    Should a ban appeal not be succesful it means that you’ve either filled out the form incorrectly or the staff team denied the ban appeal. In which case you are to wait out the ban until it expires or try to repeat the process after another two weeks have passed. There is also a possiblity that you will be specifically told, when you might be allowed to re-attempt a ban appeal, however that will not be the case with everyone. More likely in the scenario that the ban was of a permanent nature. 

    Also this does not mean that you’re able to simply continue to appeal the bans that you receive over and over again. Should enough bans be given out, the appeal process will not be available to you any longer. There is only so many chances one person can be given.